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In THE KENNEDY HALF CENTURY, Larry Sabato offers

Larry Sabato has gained access to assassination records and conducted cutting-edge scientific analysis never before undertaken. The results shatter conventional wisdom, negate official findings, and significantly affect our understanding of the events of November 22, 1963.

Prof. Sabato analyzes key theories about the assassination and separates the credible remaining questions and suspects from those that should be discarded.

Prof. Sabato convincingly shows why Kennedy’s assassination was almost inevitable and would probably have happened at some point during JFK's tenure.

Prof. Sabato commissioned the most extensive study ever conducted of the public's view of a historical figure, featuring large-sample polling and focus groups by the well-known Peter D. Hart and Geoff Garin.

Never-before-compiled information about the number of times and the degree to which each post-JFK president used JFK's name and legacy.

New information from Oswald's co-worker who drove Oswald to work on the day of the assassination and saw the package that Oswald carried with him into the Texas School Book Depository.

New information from Rev. Herbert Meza on why LBJ never spoke to him again after he organized JFK's critical September 1960 Protestant ministers forum in Houston, Texas.

An unpublished story and interview with Prof. James Robertson on how he assisted First Lady Jackie Kennedy in preparing the White House and making arrangements for JFK's funeral.

A highly revealing and little known letter from Jackie Kennedy to Archbishop Philip Hannan on JFK’s tragic demise.

New stories about the fascinating relationship between the Reagans and the Kennedys.

New information on the assassination's ballistics evidence.

The first comprehensive mapping of the 1,300 JFK memorials established throughout the world since his death.